Willis Carrier invented modern air conditioning more than a hundred years ago. Today Carrier Corporation leads the world in the manufacture and sale of heating, ventilating, refrigerating, air conditioning and HVAC systems and products.




Brasch Manufacturing Company, Inc. is a privately held corporation that maintains offices in Maryland Heights, a suburb of St. Louis, Missouri and operates manufacturing facilities in Paris, Missouri.  The company was established in 1964 by founder and president Jerry Brasch.  Brasch Manufacturing Company supplies a complete line of electric heating equipment for the commercial, industrial and institutional marketplace.



Air Conditioning Training Specialist, Inc. provides advanced technical training courses for HVAC dealers, contractors, and end users.  Classes include Puron R-410A Refrigerant Certification Testing & Training Course, HVAC Electrical Motor Testing & Replacement, Electrical Technical Service & Troubleshooting, Reciprocating and Screw Liquid Chillers Technical Service & Troubleshooting Course.



Micrometl provides Carrier package unit accessories from roof curbs, outside air dampers, curb adaptors, economizers, power exhaust, concentric vent kits, isolation curbs, and ERV.  Today MicroMetl is the largest manufacturer of HVAC accessories in the nation.



Magic Aire manufactures a comprehensive line of airside products.  They have direct drive units, belt drive units. vertical units, horizontal units, DX units, chilled water units, hot water coils, and steam coils.  Visit their website

to see all of their product offerings.



D.W. Payne and sons started making the right products for their west coast customers back in 1914. Since that time, they've expanded nationwide with a brand that provides attractive, affordable products that work.  These same principles apply to their family of air conditioners and indoor coils. Because this solid lineup of cooling equipment carries the Payne name, you can be sure it's the right product at the right price, right for you.




Steril-Aire is the unrivaled leader in the development of high performance UVC solutions for air and surface decontamination.  You will find Steril-Aire ultraviolet germicidal irradiation (UVGI) products all around the world in hospitals, cleanrooms, office buildings, schools, government facilities and homes. Whether you’re looking for  an evidence-based infection prevention and control strategy, improved HVAC system performance, or clean air, we can help you design, implement and commission a cost-effective UVC system to meet your needs. Steril-Aire has remained the unrivaled global leader in commercial and residential indoor air quality (IAQ) by improving environmental air quality in commercial and residential heating, ventilating and air conditioning through:




Totaline has everything you need for Carrier replacement parts.  Visit 1 of our 4 stores around the state today. 

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Tower Tech, home of the world's most efficient cooling tower. Our patented Modular Cooling Tower has been specified by more than a thousand discerning users who demand the greatest process efficiency and the best reliability and built-in redundancy.




Ventstar thermostats.  



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