To:  Our Valued Customers


Subject:  Deliveries and Drop-Offs


Effective immediately, this is to inform you that Carrier Hawaii will no longer be making "courtesy" deliveries and "on-the-way" drop offs to your place of business.  Our transportation costs have gotten out of hand and our truck deliveries have gone from a three-hour a day responsibility to a full-time trucking operation.


I know that many have voiced that it would be a nice service since it is "on-the-way".  However, the time in getting someone to off-load, to find adequate parking, to un-tie/re-tie the load, and then to stop off at the next "on-the-way" location, just did not make economical sense.


Deliveries to our Cooke Street store have also been discontinued.  The reason is because customers would say they would pick it up the same day that the equipment is delivered but fail to show up.  With people breaking their committment to show up the same day has resulted in a bunch of equipment taking up valuable space in which Cooke Street store has a limited amount of.  Because of that reason there will no longer be equipment drop off to the Cooke Street store from our Waipio Store.


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